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Certified Inspectors of North Carolina LLC provides Home Inspection Services including Residential Home Inspections, Commercial Inspections, Pre-Drywall, Mold Testing, Pool & Spa Inspections, Private Well Inspections, & Well Water Testing to Harnett, Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson, Richmond, and Scotland Counties in the Central Carolinas.

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Certified Inspectors of North Carolina LLC is committed to serving you, our customer. Our business is built on trust, integrity and ensuring you have the information you need about one of the largest investments you’ll make. Our certified home inspectors are dedicated to delivering exceptional home inspection services to you. We understand the importance of a thorough and trusted home inspection and we are here to meet YOUR needs.

Ultimately, a thorough home inspection depends heavily on experience and attention to detail. With Certified Inspectors of North Carolina LLC you are getting a Certified Professional Inspector with over 10 years of experience in the housing industry. When you hire us to inspect your new home, we guarantee that we will take the same care as if it was our home.


We inspect each home as if we were the one moving into it. Seriously, we want to keep you from buying a money pit.


Our seasoned inspectors have years of experience. You can count on quality service. We know what we’re doing.


Our inspectors have completed training through the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Home Inspection FAQs

Who Should Pay For A Home Inspection?

Home inspections are the responsibility of the buyer, because a home inspection is part of the due diligence of buying a home. However, you may be able to negotiate for the seller of the home to cover some of the costs of the home inspection as part of the seller concessions.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Home Inspection?

The home inspection itself usually takes about 2-3 hours, during which time the home inspector will check all of the major systems of the house. For larger homes, this process will take longer – for small homes and condos, it may only take 1-2 hours. You are welcome to accompany the inspector during this time, to ensure that you understand any issues they may report. After the inspection is done, a complete home inspection report will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Can You Get An Appraisal Before A Home Inspection?

Yes – but you probably don’t want to. You are responsible for paying for the cost of an appraisal, which will be required by your lender. This means you’re going to pay $300-$500 or more for an appraisal agent to examine the property.

Is A Home Inspection Required For A Mortgage?

No. Home inspections are, in many states, optional, and not required for a loan. Home appraisals, however, are mandatory. No bank or lender will give you any kind of loan without conducting an appraisal first. If you choose not to have a home inspection, your mortgage lender is still happy to perform an appraisal, and allow you to take out your mortgage, as long as the appraisal results are good. But this is not the best idea.

Is A Home Inspection Part Of Closing Costs?

Technically, yes. Real estate agents usually estimate closing costs, including all special inspections like home inspections, termite and radon inspections, etc. However, even though home inspections are part of the closing costs the payment is due when the inspection is performed, not at closing.

Do Home Inspectors Check Appliances?

Yes. During home inspections, your home inspector will examine major appliances. As a rule, any appliance that is built-in, such as a microwave that cannot be removed, or any appliance that will be sold with the home is tested for function.