Learn about our RecallChek

By law, if a manufacturer has designed a dangerous product, they must recall all of those items and fix them for free! Yet, many homes still have recalled appliances and are potential hazards. The problem with the law is that it is up to you, the consumer, to find out whether your appliances have been recalled. There is a database online, but you would have to sift through 195 million recalls to find out if your microwave or dishwasher at potential hazards, and this would take up a tremendous amount of your time. As a result, many of these dangerous appliances are still in homes across the U.S. As your Home Inspector, I will copy the model and serial numbers of each appliance in the home to include your air conditioning units, and submit them to Recallchek. Your model numbers are computer matched against millions of recalls using a model number algorithm. Recallchek then submits a report separate from your home inspection report within 48 hours to both the inspector, and you, as the client.