A/C Condensate

A/C Condensate drain lines are normally installed near the outdoor condenser unit and drains condensate water to the exterior of the home. Condensate water is produced when warm air from the blower inside your air handler is passed over cold evaporator coil. Condensation occurs when warmer air hits a cold surface and that warm air […]

Bathtubs & Showers

Bathtubs & Showers Bathtubs Bathtubs are made from many different types of materials, including enameled cast-iron, porcelain-enameled steel, and plastic. Plastic tubs are made from materials including ABS, PVC, fiberglass, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, acrylic, and cultured-marble acrylic. Bathtubs that are equipped with shower fixtures should be manufactured with slip-resistant surfaces. Bathtubs should have a drainage outlet (tailpiece) with a minimum […]

Bathroom Sinks – Lavatories

Bathroom Sinks – Lavatories Lavatories A lavatory is a washbasin or sink located in a bathroom or washroom.  “Lavatory” means washbasin or sink, and is derived from the Latin word lavatorium, which means washing vessel, and the French word laver, meaning “to wash.” Lavatories come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  They are available in enameled cast-iron, vitreous china, stainless […]

Toilets & Bidets

Toilets & Bidets A water closet in the U.S. is commonly referred to as a toilet.  The term “water closet” originates from the time when plumbing was brought indoors, and defecation took place in a small, closet-size room with a pot. Toilet Styles    There are three styles of water closets: close-coupled, one-piece, and flushometer valve.  The most common is […]

Water Heaters

Water Heaters A water heater is an appliance that heats potable water and supplies heated water to the home’s plumbing distribution system.  Most tanks are insulated steel cylinders with an enamel coating on the inner surface. They are referred to as glass-lined tanks. The lining helps prevent corrosion.  A water heater can literally explode if […]

Maintenance of Your Roof Covering

Weathering Hail and/or storm damage, referred to as weathering, can easily deteriorate a roof’s finish despite the fact that you haven’t lost any shakes or shingles after having a storm. It is the most prevalent reason for external problems for roof coverings. Intense, continual winds can result in uplift to the edges of shingles, that […]

Residential Smoke Alarms

A residential smoke alarm, also known as a smoke detector, is a device that detects smoke and issues an audible sound and/or a visual signal to alert residents to a potential fire. Facts and Figures   According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission: Almost two-thirds of reported deaths caused by home fires from 2003 to 2006 resulted […]

Exterior Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the form of exterior cladding that home inspectors are likely to encounter most frequently.  Homeowners, remodeling contractors and builders often choose vinyl siding as an alternative to wood and aluminum because it is attractive, durable, easy to maintain and cost-effective.  Vinyl siding is often textured to resemble wood or stone in a […]

Falls from Low Windows

Every year, roughly 2.5 million children are treated in the United States for fall-related injuries. Of these, falls from low windows tend to be the most serious and fatal, especially among male toddlers. Older children are more likely to be seriously injured by window falls as summer approaches and they spend more time around the […]

Interior Water Damage-An ounce of prevention

Protect Your Home From Water Damage Water may be essential to life, but, as a destructive force, interior water damage can diminish the value of your home or building. Homes as well as commercial buildings can suffer water damage that results in increased maintenance costs, a decrease in the value of the property, lowered productivity, […]