A Home Inspection in North Carolina is defined as an Inspection of a residential dwelling of two or more systems and components of a home. It is a visual, non-invasive inspection of readily accessible systems such as, plumbing, roofing, heating and air conditioning, foundation and structure, the inspection of major appliances, exterior, interior, ventilation systems and electrical. A home inspector in North Carolina has to be licensed by the state board to perform Home Inspection services and undergo strict training and experience requirements to become licensed. A home inspection report is generated specifically for the client, for a specific property. Home Inspection services can be done for the pre-purchase of a home, called a pre-listing inspection, a home inspection for a home the buyer is purchasing after the home is listed for sale, or the client may choose to have maintenance inspections performed on an annual basis on a current home. The cost of a standard home inspection normally ranges from $300 to $1,100 and is largely based on the size of the home measured in square feet, how many stories or floors a home has, age, and the complexity of the construction.

The Certified Inspectors of North Carolina LLC Inspector is a licensed and experienced professional you can count on to provide each of our clients with a thorough, detail oriented home inspection and offer other value added services. I am fully insured and a member in good standing, and certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (Internachi) at, and a Certified Indoor Air Consultant (IAC2).


Have me stop by and check up on your next construction project or perform a maintenance inspection of your home!


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